Monday, January 11, 2010

1st Running Goal

I will run a marathon this And by barefoot I mean in my Vibram Five Fingers.

I used to be a casual runner. I ran because it was good for me, not because I enjoyed it. Running made my feet hurt, my back hurt; it was a struggle to put one foot in front of the other. It didn't look or feel as pretty and effortless as my fiance does when he runs. I only ran when I was so angry I wanted to beat on myself.

I switched to Vibrams when someone suggested that it may be what's on my feet that's causing the problem. So I headed over to my favorite gear store, Midwest Mountaineering, and picked up a pair of Vibram Sprints. For the first time I was not
only able, but wanted to run 5 days in a row. My back feels great, my legs feel stronger, I have visibly improved posture. Running actually feels good.

I've been using a treadmill since the shoes don't offer much weather protection and I was surprised to look up and see my reflection smiling back at me while I was running. It's amazing.

The best part is, my Vibrams are cheaper than any other running shoe I've purchased and they'll last WAY longer.

Welcome to my blog, which will chronicle my experience in becoming an ultra-marathon runner while getting married, going to law school, and (possible) moving across the country.

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