Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crappy Weather

Living in MN I should have known that deciding to train for a marathon in May would be a bad idea. It's not just that I'm forcing myself to go running in snow and slush, it's that as of late I have been prevented from running by the snow and slush. Due to a bad experience I would rather not run, than run on a treadmill. Running on a treadmill makes me angry.

Running in icy conditions is something I refuse to do. It's not worth falling and breaking something. Sure, I can still run with a broken arm, but not a broken leg.

When I am able to run, I'm submitting myself to cold wet feet due to my shoe choice. Perhaps I should have picked a different model of vibrams like this one, but it's too late to change that. I have a feeling that my feet would still get wet as the slush usually seeps in between my toes (and the ultralite hiker in me says it's unnecessary weight). I wear wool Injiji socks which deal with the occasional slush-pile quite well while still keeping my feet comfortable, but when it's nothing but slush there's no help.

The point of this post is: I haven't gone running in 3 days due to this crap-tastic weather and I'M CRANKY! Hell or high water, I'm going running tonight. I'm considering double layering my socks for warmth (it's going to be a balmy 2 degrees with a windchill between -12 and -2) and I'll definitely be putting the capeline on underneath my running tights (which, btw, don't help with with frog look) and confiscating my fiance's old wind shirt.

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