Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear Dean Karnazes

You may be an amazing runner and fully of great training advice, but I cannot read any of the crap you write. Maybe it's because I was spoiled with my first book about running-it was written by an ex-journalist who has training in writing, which you clearly do not...but I won't hold that against you. It's probably because your writing consists of loudly and endlessly tooting your own horn. I wasn't 2 chapters in to Ultramarathon Man and I had already gotten sick of hearing about how low your body fat is, your excellently toned forearms, how your middle school track coach favored you, how you won the championship for your coach in high school, how awesome you are. Blehck. Give me a break. I picked up your book because it inspired my fiance and I thought it might inspire me. I ended up throwing it across the room after your ego got so big that there was no room for it.

Oh and, P.S. - vests don't have sleeves.

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